The Enneagram Project

The Enneagram is a personality test that is made up of 9 types. Each type has a basic desire and fear that stems from a childhood wound. During childhood we all experience each of these nine “wounds,” however, there is usually one specific “wound” that dominates and affects us the most. This is the type we become. Like other personality tests, the Enneagram tells us more about our personality, but also how we can become more emotionally and mentally healthier human beings. It describes the kind of people we become when we reach unhealthy mental levels, how to deal with stressors in life, and how types interact with each other. Overall, it is a way for people to understand not only themselves better, but how to empathize and understand the people around them.

This project was inspired by the artist, Sleeping at Last, and his songs about the Enneagrams. I wanted to compose a piece on the 9 Enneagrams to create a different interpretation of the personalities and to gain a deeper understanding of the types. I interviewed my family, friends, professors, and peers to get inspired for this composition. It was very interesting to hear how they perceived themselves and their view of the world. I believe that self-awareness and awareness of others can make the world a better place.

9 Enneagram Types

Type 1: The Reformer | Oboe, Snare Drum, & Piano | 2′

Type 2: The Helper | Harp, Viola, & Cello |

Type 3: The Achiever | Harp, Viola, & Cello |

Type 4: The Individualist | Harp, Viola, & Cello |

Type 5: The Investigator | Saxophone, Trumpet, & Violin | Coming soon

Type 6: The Loyalist | Saxophone, Trumpet, & Violin| Coming Soon

Type 7: The Enthusiast | Saxophone, Trumpet, & Violin | Coming Soon

Type 8: The Challenger | Oboe, Snare Drum, & Piano | Coming Soon

Type 9: The Peacemaker | Oboe, Snare Drum, & Piano | Coming Soon

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